We provide services and products of information and medical education, health and wellness to meet the needs of our customers, both in rural and urban areas and support public and private authorities and organizations in the development of home care and remote socio-medical care.

We contribute to creating the right framework for the development of suppliers of such goods and services.

By using state-of-the-art equipment, software, products carefully designed for users' needs, we can interconnect customers with each other, as well as with service providers, products, social, medical, wellness, nutritional devices, thus managing to compare results and send alerts or notifications for the purpose of motivation and information, thus leading to the improvement of the medical situation, as well as the reduction of risks for people in situations of risk / crisis / emergency.

For more information about us: www.ganet.ro/en/

For more information about the myInfo Band service: http://en.myinfoband.eu